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Originally Posted by Trottier View Post
A country's hockey team win the gold Medal 24 hours ago.

HF's reaction?

A thread where many criticize the starting goaltender, who went 5-0 in goal.

A thread branding the 22 y/o future HOF, Cup winning captain who scored the Medal-clinching goal as a guy who is just "lucky to be surrounded by good teammates.

A thread challenging the guy who was primarily responsible for selecting the roster.

And here, a thread criticizing the Cup winning coach who managed this hastily thrown together roster to its 1st place medal.

Results clearly do not matter. Because at least some HF posters apparently know better.

Well said.

Babcock won the gold, that is what matters.

Someone earlier criticized Babcock for overplaying Pronger/Niedermayer. One has to understand that a good coach puts a lot of faith into players of that ilk. He can trust those players; they are known quantities, exceptional players. He is making the safe bet.

An observation of Doughty: he can be beaten with speed. A few times in the tournament he was beaten by a forward driving to the net; Doughty was unable to push them to the outside or cut off their angle in time. He was either bailed out by his goaltender, got a little lucky (once he fell but IMO blindly swatted the puck away), or a combination of both.

An observation of Niedermayer: It is no secret to anyone, but Niedermayer is getting old...he played well in the tournament, but I had always maintained that despite a clear drop in his regular-season performance, he still brought it all when it mattered most; he was still a dominating player during the toughest games...yet during the tournament, it really hit home that the guy is running of gas...he was obviously giving it all during the tournament, but he wasn't at the level I am so accustomed to seing him at...

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