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Originally Posted by Blizzard View Post
Are you guys missing anything? I can probably get most any results you need. Will not be able to link most but can copy and paste. Many are personal archives for a that I've assembled from various newspapers from copying and pasting with the full article.

The result of the voting by points
was as follows: Nels Stewart, Maroons,
304 points; Lionel Hltchman, Boston,
94; .Ralph Weiland, Boston, 79; Prank
Clancy, Ottawa. 77; Frank Boucher,
New York Rangers, 75; Norman Himes,
New York Americans, 70; Howie Morenz,
Camdiens, and Chas. Gardiner,
Chicago, tied, 60.

Voting lor the Lady Byng trophy,
among the leaders, was as follows:
Prank Boucher. New York Rangers,
127; Norman Himes, New York Americans,
108; Ralph Weiland, Boston. 82;
Harold Darragh. Pittsburgh, 81; Geo.
Hay. Detroit, 73.

All are copy and pasted straight from the paper, so spelling errors are straight from the paper itself also or mostly errors in the copy and paste transfer, most have been fixed but not all. Probably have most years, just never got it totally organized yet. Like to see a full database so let me know if I can help.
See the first post on the first page for a partial list of errors/missing info that you can help with.

This is what we had for what you posted.

HART: (426)
1. Nels Stewart, Mtl M C 101
2. Lionel Hitchman, Bos D 94
3. Cooney Weiland, Bos C 79
4. King Clancy, Tor D 77
5. Frank Boucher, NYR C 75
LADY BYNG: (466)
1. Frank Boucher, NYR C 127
2. Normie Himes, NYA C 103
3. Cooney Weiland, Bos C 82
4. Harold Darragh, Pit LW 81
5. George Hay, Det LW 73

The article goes 3 names further for Hart voting, but has just the same top 5 for the Lady Byng.

The 304 points for Stewart in Hart voting is obviously wrong as with 2 votes for each of the 10 teams, and 10 points for a 1st place vote, the max would be 200, or 180 if it is 2 votes per city as it says in the article.

It still leaves us with only a partial voting result, so Himes could have either 103 or 108 points, as Stewart could have 104, but not 304.

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