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03-02-2010, 09:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
You can't call this season mediocre. To be in a playoff spot with all the key players we have lost for extended periods is nothing short of great.
make the excuses that you want, the results are mediocre. last year we had a lot of injuries as well, and the team finished ahead of what this team is on pace for.

this roster is a marginal, if any, improvement from last season... but at least last year we weren't locked into so many bad contracts.

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Koivu and Tanguay may have lived up to the contracts they eventulally got...but not the ones they were looking for to sign before July 1st. Tanguay would have cost 4-4.5 mil before July 1st, Koivu probably more than he got also. Our top 2 centers are head and shoulders above what Koivu has been.
simply not true.

Koivu has been almost as effective as Gomez, and at a fraction of the price.

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Gionta is a better 5 on 5 player and much more consistant contributor than Kovalev.
go look up their production over the past 3-4 seasons, and tell us again who is the more consistent producer.
Kovalev may not consistently play up to his potential, but he still produces better than gionta at this point... in 3-4-5 years, do you really think Gionta's production is going to improve? i'd bet it's far more likely that he stays the same, or declines

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Komisarek was never worth the money he signed for, not even close. As much as people crap on Spacek he's playing better than Komisarek did in 2009.
komisarek, at the level he played in 07-08, was very close to a 4-5M$ player... he's been fighting injuries since then, perhaps he'll never bounce back, but he's young enough that it's certainly possible.

Spacek being better than Komisarek in 09 (and at a higher cap hit), is no consolation. Komisarek was brutal most of last year, spacek is a step above brutal, and we get to pay him ~4M$ for 2 more seasons...

not exactly something to rave about imo.

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Souray is massively overpaid for a guy that's primary weapon is his PP shot. He brings an element of toughness and leadership but age and wear and tear have reduced the toughness.
again, edm was more than happy with his play/performance, when he was healthy.
injuries have decimated him...

still doesn't make it any better that we let him walk for nothing in a season where we traded away other veteran talent prior to the deadline, made no attempt to improve the team, and then missed the playoffs

selling, but not completely, missing the playoffs, and then watching assets walk for nothing... the kind of stuff that should get a GM fired.

Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
Nobody in their right mind "restocks their prospect pool" by trading players like that with 6 weeks left in the season when in a playoff spot.

What's the point of dumping every UFA on the roster and adding to the prospect pool if you have no job after the season as GM.

You are not living in the real world...more like the HF world, where you can dump all your brest players, get an early pick and be a contender in 3 years...but not lose your GM job.
the "real world" we all live in is one where the habs have been a mediocre team poorly run for way way way too long.

but if you're happy with the 7-10, good enough to fight for a playoff spot (or just miss it) but no where near good enough to realistically contend, then i guess you're loving the way this management team runs things.

I'd rather live in the real world that Detroit fans live in, thank you very much.

sad thing is that a guy like Gainey, with his death hold grip on the job and on the owner's faith, could EASILY have gone the "re-build" route last season.
trading away guys like koivu/kovalev/tanguay/schneider at the deadline last season would have brought us in some quality assets, and made his summer re-building job much much easier...

instead, he made desperation moves (including firing the coach he had called his best move as a GM a few weeks earlier) that culminated in the roster we now have, and likely in watching Plekanec walk as a ufa...

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