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03-02-2010, 09:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
The only time we will "know he won't sign with us" is after July 1st when he is signed elswhere.

Right now he seems to want to stay and they are talking.
Let's hope that this organization knows the difference between a guy that really wants to stay, and a guy (or his agent) who really wants to use the Habs as a bargaining chip. We've been the latter so much more in the past years....

While the player might not tell you directly, you have to find the signs that will tell you that he won't. I mean, we have seen a lot of situations in the past as far as teams trading their players 'cause they were going to be UFA even though they didn't seem to publicly stated that they wanted out.....Somehow, somebody must have done a good job knowing the real intentions.

And then, it's not necessarily about who wants to sign, but who we can afford. And at 45 M$ for 12 players and with a rumor that the cap "could" be at 53 M$, even if Pleks really wants to be might not be possible.

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