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03-02-2010, 01:09 PM
with the 10th pick..
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this is a sad day for this organization.

not just because enver lisin is on waivers but for the waste of another #1 draft pick in korpikoski and the subsequent bailing on lisin after a 50 game career. 50 friggin games ? are you kidding me.

and to think we still have redden, blowzy, and capt quaalude stealing 19 million a year.

torts ruined this kids chance at ever playing for this team. he changed him from a free wheeling speedster to a guy who had to learn to be "defensively responsible" and play in "all three zones" to get any minutes. he always took the body and clearly seemed to be making an attempt to please the coaches. torts messed the kid up. plain and simple.

"ringo" is a likeable, funny, engaging kid who never really got it going in ny. he played 3-5 minutes per game. he never played special teams after a short stint on the 2nd pp unit for @ 2 weeks early on, he was healthy scratched frequently and got garbage minutes with talentless hacks like voros, boyle and brashear.

i dont want to hear that he was lazy or unmotivated. that garbage. he wasnt a headcase like zherdev. by all account he was a great teammate and well liked among the players and the media.

its one thing to say the kid struggled- like many others- under torts but its another to throw him away on waivers.

this organization is a sham. torts and slats are a sham.

good for lisin, i hope he gets a chance to play elsewhere.

this kind of classless move is just plain wrong and i think this organization is worse today for this. ive been a lifelong ranger fan and today i am ashamed.

slats and torts both need to go. until they do, this organization is a joke.

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