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03-02-2010, 03:54 PM
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Very interesting question. It's the whole historic vs current rivalry thing. Historically, it's Russia without question (although they were the USSR during those days). But now I think America has surpassed them.

There's no 2 teams that know each other better than Canada and USA. Both teams are made up 100% of nhl players, and of course, oftem times there's nhl teammates who are opponents when these teams play each other.
It seems like the orgins of each rivalry are different. Russia seems to come from hatred, and with how competitive the rivalry once was. With America, no matter how lopsided the rivalry is, it will always be huge because of how familiar these 2 teams are with each other.

For all you nfl fans out there, this question is similar to if the biggest rival of the green bay packers is the chicago bears or minnesota vikings. Most of the traditional packer fans will say the bears, just like most traditional canadians will say russia. But most of the younger packer fans will say the vikings, just like most of the younger canadians will say america. Traditionally, the packers biggest rivalry is the bears, but right now, it's the vikings. It's the same for Canada. Traditionally, it's Russia, but right now, it's USA.

Funny thing is, 2 Brett's really heated up both of the new rivalries I mentioned, those Brett's being Hull and Favre. If someone pulled the Brett Hull stunt today after how big this rivalry has grown, USA would definately surpass Russia as Canada's biggest rivalry if it hasn't already.

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