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Originally Posted by Pacific NW fan View Post
For all you nfl fans out there, this question is similar to if the biggest rival of the green bay packers is the chicago bears or minnesota vikings. Most of the traditional packer fans will say the bears, just like most traditional canadians will say russia. But most of the younger packer fans will say the vikings, just like most of the younger canadians will say america. Traditionally, the packers biggest rivalry is the bears, but right now, it's the vikings. It's the same for Canada. Traditionally, it's Russia, but right now, it's USA.
But imagine if the Bears had never won anything, and virtually never beat the Packers. Would the Packer fans still consider that a great rivalry?

The USA needs to win a few before they can be considered Canada's main rival. Close only counts in hand grenades and nuclear war.

I'm trying to remember, but has the USA finished ahead of Canada even once at the Olympics since the NHL was invited?

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