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01-29-2005, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Kubera55
A little late to the party, but I thought I'd throw in a few dark horses:

1) Dave Liffiton - I love everything I've seen from the youngster in Hartford. Big, tough, skates pretty well, and plays a totally panic-free defensive-defenseman's game. Extremely impressive for a teenager . . . he just needs to develop some puck skills. I honestly believe he could be a top-4 defensive-defenseman if he continues to develop.

2) Craig Weller - Definitely not a top end prospect. But a great guy who always seems to find a way to contribute. Will do anything for his team and his coach. Need a defenseman? Craig's on the job. Need a forward? Craig's ready to roll. A figher? A hitter? An agitator? Someone to crash the net? Someone to dig for pucks? Someone to run the Zamboni?

Well, o.k., I made that last one up. But he can do all the rest. Think of him as a perfect 13th forward, 7th defenseman. He'll never be as fierce as Purinton, or as defensively sound as Ortmeyer, or as skilled as Lundmark . . . but he brings a little bit of everything to the team, and a terrific attitude to boot.

3) Brandon Dubinsky - I admit, I haven't seen Dubinsky play. But everything I've read about him is hugely encouraging. He isn't small (usually listed at about 6'0" 190lbs on draft day). He's fierce and fearless. He doesn't play for a powerhouse juniors team but he absolutely racks up the points.

Smart, tough, talented, and motivated? Sounds good to me.

Yeah I also love Weller and I hope he makes the Rangers instead of Purinton.

Dubinsky had a really slow start to the season for some reason, but the last 20 games or so he has been producing at a rapid pace.

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