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Originally Posted by Levitate
i honestly think there are very few teams that have much "sure fire top line talent" or "sure thing 2nd line talent"

the rangers don't have a ton of top end talent but it's not like every other team is stacked with it and they're all gonna turn out to be awesome in the NHL
Exactly, from every draft there is what 5-6 players who breaks through before they are 24-26 years old. And BTW how many of thoose "sure fire" prospects really make it?

Allot of people seems to spend allot of time following prospects, but in the mean time forgets to actually watch the nhl.(yeah I know its kind of hard right now, but) BTW what does top two line potential means? There was 180(6*30) players in the NHL last year who played on the top two lines. The avg. top two line forward scored something around 40-50 points last season, still anyone who isnīt skilled enough to score 40 goals and atleast 70 points is a 3rd liner? In the real world 70 points would make a player the highest scoring forward on 16 out of 30 teams.

My conclusion is that it isnīt the extra ordinary flashy players like Vanek, Semin, Steve Brenier and Rob Schemp who becomes what thoose bonafide prospects are supposed/expected to become.(these are prospects who Iīve only seen very little and I am only using them as example) Its 1 or 2 players every draft, often players drafted 1st or 2nd overall or once in a while a steal in one of the later rounds. The flashy players like I mentioned above are useless unless they become on of thoose rare diamonds who come out of every draft, and what in the end are the odds that they will 5%(?).

Without a doubt we need someone who can be labeled franchise player, someone who is enough talented to at times carry a team by himself, in order to become a contender in the next 2-5 years. A Iginla/Sundin/Sakic/Modano/Kovalchuk/Lecavalier. However a team with 3 forwards who are able to chip in 65-75 points a year is very well of.(Tampa for example had Lecavalier, St. Louis and Richards)

So three is all it takes, lets say we are able to find one franchise player like I mentioned above by trade or draft we would have one, we have another in Jagr thats two and if one of Jessiman, Immonen, Olver, Billy Ryan, Balej, Korpikoski, Dawes, Prucha or Petruzalek becomes the 3rd we would have enough. 3 out of the 6 spots on the top two lines would be taken and I am sure another 3 players of the prosects we have in the system(the players I mentioned above + guys like Callahan, Moore, Dubinsky among other) can step up and score the 40-50 points it would take to fill the other three spots we would be set.

My point is that IMO we donīt lack surefire top line prospectssss, we lack one or maybe two. We could end up finding one right away when once there is a new CBA, we could spend a decade looking for one. However just because the players we have in the system arenīt extremly flashy or extremly dominant in the CHL doesnīt mean that allot of really good players wonīt come out from our system. I also belive that it will be a wonder if it takes less then 5-8 years before the NYR really can establish itself as a powerhouse( ) in the NHL again.

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