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Originally Posted by Webernaut View Post
As long as you are not a Reebok/CCM employee... this review definitely sways me a bit.
LOL nah, I had some Bauers before my CCMs. I decided to go out and get myself a real pair of high end skates. The U+ Pro Reloaded was $399 on sale from $579 and you get a free CCM CL Stick. Some people don't like the stick, I haven't handled one yet myself but hey it was a good deal.

The guy at the LHS who has them and really loved them seemed very pleased and I figured 2 things from that. First, his skill is pretty far above my level and if he's happy with the performance and fit then it can work for me if they are comfy which they are now after I adjusted my laces. Second, he has the opportunity to try every skate on the market for himself when they come in. He could also place an order for anything. Since he decided the U+ Pros were a good choice I feel confident that I made a good decision. Man I tell ya though, try everything. Don't go to the store thinking "I'm gonna get THAT skate cause this dude on the internet says it's the best thing since the first time I ate Filet Mignon". Really go with an open mind, even if the skate isn't the coolest wizbang slick thing out there, try it and you might find something. Graf skates for instance aren't really fancy, no zoom patterns on the boot, no crazy composite carbon fiber titanium re-enforced quarter, no dura super-duper thermoform memory foam, no fancy ultralight super deluxe runner. However, they work for a lot of skaters and are very high quality. Some people change the holders to like a TUUK LS2 but the boots are a good fit for many. Just because it doesn't look fancy and expensive, doesn't mean it's bad.

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