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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Every player plays games when they're sore. They play hockey, not golf.

I also never told you what your point was, I asked what it was. Lay off the "don't care to read everything" nonsense if you're not going to take your own advice.

If you bring St. Louis' skill into the argument as evidence of why his size isn't relevant, you're implying that Weiss is not skilled enough to overcome his size.[/B]
I didn't intentionally bring skill into the mix, but I know it could/would most easily be taken as so...
What I meant to imply by saying Weiss isn't on the same planet was that St. Louis is one of the most elusive athletes in contact sports history. He is like the least injury prone player and at his size. His skill also happens to be miles ahead making way for our easy misunderstanding. Nonsense laid off.
Anyway, Weiss is injured or sore often, and it shows. I've seen just about every game he's played in the last 4 seasons and that's what I see. His game is on point about 1/4 of the season and it's usually said that he's nursing something. The players that can be sore and still compete at a reasonable level is what we need.
We don't need Weiss. We need a Penner. We need a Byfuglien. We need the traffic in front. We need Boyle to grow a pair...

...and we need a defense.

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