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01-29-2005, 11:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Rex88
Speaking for the Flyers, I would not do the deal. The value is fair but the Flyers already have an aging D core and will need to retool soon. The back bone is KJ (29), Markov(28), and Pitkanen. Seidenberg is possible but not a lock at this point. The other guys Desjardens, Rags, Timmander are 35,33,30 respectively now.
The prospects are few although Picard looks good at this early point.
So, the Flyers would really look for a younger D to step in within 1-2 years - eg. Lynch/Woywitka/Greene.
I could see Lynch for Handzus as fair value - knowing this is hockeys future I am sure this will get shot down but please don't use money as the central issue.

A very valid concern. Esp if they are forced to lose players due to a cap. But, if they can keep their guys, then just imagine how well Smith would fit in there. I know if I were an opposing player, I would be intimidated by that roster. Esp if I were a smaller guy like St. Louis. He could help keep guys like that in check quite well. He isn't fun to play against at all.

The only reason I think moving him is ok is because we will be able to replace the physical aspect of his game at least with Greene in the next few years.

Fire Eakins. Fire MacT. Fire Lowe. Clean house.
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