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03-03-2010, 12:17 AM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
How was he misused? Let's see, on pace for 13-14 goals per season (that's better than Fiddler's 11 goals a season) each year he's been a Pred, but only seeing ice half the time. Hovers around 4th-6th on the team in PPG/60mins TOI each season, yet isn't a regular member of the PP. Over 82 games, the difference between him and Goc this season comes out to less than 2 goals (.17goals/game vs His 7 goals puts him just behind Goc on the team with 11 fewer games played. We complain about a lack of scoring ... a poor 5-on-4 PP ... then we take guys and bury them on a line with Belak then complain when they only put up 7 goals in 41 games.

Yet Goc is lauded for having a career season.

Pevs - 73 games as a Pred, 7g, 13a
Jones - 87 games as a Pred, 14g, 14a

It makes me want to punch something when we bring a guy up, put him on a line with Belak, then send him back down for not producing. I mean, who is going to produce on a line with BELAK?! It's like playing on a two-man line!

That's what really gets me about this whole thing: the fact that Belak is still on this team, while Jones is on waivers. Belak seems like a nice guy and maybe he has great leadership skills or something, but he brings absolutely nothing to the table other than the occaisonal fight. The days when teams would waste a roster space on a fighter who can't play a regular NHL shift are GONE. Belak can't kill penalties, doesn't take faceoffs, definitely can't play on the PP, can't even play a regular 5 on 5 shift...WHY is he still here?! At least Jones crashes the net and screens the goalie, and scores a million times more than Belak.

I understand Jones wasn't the best defensively, and if we had waived him in favor of more talented guys, that'd be one thing...but to waive him when we have the waste of a roster space that is Wade Belak still around really makes me mad.

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