Thread: Confirmed with Link: [MTL/STL] Matt D'Agostini for Aaron Palushaj
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03-03-2010, 12:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Mike8 View Post
By the way, I'm actually entirely shocked that St-Louis did two things here:

1) gave up on Palushaj. I understand that he's still a medium to long shot type of player, given his attributes and limitations concerning the role he can play on a team, but actually giving up on a prospect is a rare move. Palushaj has less than stellar stats at the AHL level, but he started the season at 19-years old. And this is after excellent performances at the NCAA level. The fact that a strong scouting team in St-Louis has given up on him is peculiar, and begs the question why. This leads into the following point...

2) I'm shocked that D'Agostini carried any value whatsoever. I thought he might have some marginal value sufficient enough to be claimed on waivers by some middling team, but completely dismissed the notion that he'd carry any substantial value.

So I suppose the question is: did D'Agostini carry any value, or did St-Louis just give up on Palushaj altogether?

Or, more likely, was it a bit of both?
Or maybe young potential 20 to 25 goal snipers are more valuable around the league than HFboard posters think? I don`t know. One thing is for sure, there is a clear disconnect between the value that we perceive of our players than what actual league officials think. Or maybe the Blues just didn`t like what they see in Palushaj. However, I highly doubt that`s the case. Strickland said that the Blues were very high on Palushaj just last year. I doubt much would have changed in the past year.

Eitherway, we get ourselves a decent prospect for a player that is no longer in our plans. Also, Dagger is RFA this year. Palushaj has a contract to 2012. If anything, we deal with one less contract head ache this summer.

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