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03-03-2010, 04:49 AM
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Originally Posted by fenrir604 View Post
My question to you is: were you there? Have you been to both a Superbowl victory and a gold medal olympic hockey game on home soil? If not, then you cannot be the judge, I haven't been to a super bowl winning city myself so I cannot be the judge. All I can say is that I personally have been to and reside in the most densely populated cities in the world and have experienced them through their high points, and they come no where close.

Have you been to Beijing on Chinese New Year's, or the Imperial Palace in Tokyo during Golden Week? I have, and I can personally say that this experience is the most memorable yet. The announcers through the speakers are quite loud but the crowd background noise is not nearly as loud and I would know since I was quite literally standing less than 100 feet from them. The noise of the crowd and fans completely drowned out the speakers.

The final medal in a record breaking Olympics; the Gold Medal Hockey game where Canada was defeated by the US during the Round robin's and then to start the game with a 2-0 lead to only squander it by taking their foot off the "gas pedal" the momentum in the opponent's court. The disappointment shared by 10,000+ individuals after Parise's goal, the tension was magnified by the 10+ minute intermission, all of us were looking at each other disappointed - wondering, worrying looking at each other for comfort "can we do it? should we be prepared for the loss?", then the period starts, all 10,000+ of us collectively hold our breaths, it all culminates in sudden death; one goal was all it took. Two weeks of partying, meeting strangers, cheering Canada - all the while; a nagging feeling, secretly worrying whether or not our team has it to bring the arguably most important gold medal home on our own soil. All of this exploded from my heart and soul after Crosby netted that goal.

We are Canadians, this is the sport where we grew up playing, we spent countless hours playing on the streets only interrupted by the odd "Car!" cry where we would proceed to move our makeshift nets aside. Some of us wake up at the brink of dawn, walk through knee high snow to the local pond and put on our skates to play a little ice hockey (obviously not us Vancouverites as it's not cold enough here, but many of our Canadian brethren in the prairies and Ontario/Quebec still do this today.) As kids, we don't watch football, we don't watch baseball, we don't watch basketball, we watch hockey! Hockey grew with us, hockey was there when we were little kids playing on the streets, hockey was there when we were bored and were flipping through the channels, hockey was there on TV on Saturdays, hockey was there in the background during countless dinners, hockey was there when we sat on the well worn edge of our seats hoping, praying for that next goal, hockey was always there. As we Canadians grew up; we experienced the great one that is Gretzky on TV, the 2002 Olympic Gold and it all culminated here, where we as Canadians can show the world at OUR Olympic games: this is our passion, this is what we play, and most importantly this is who we are.

Sure, you can say I may be the only one who felt that way, but because I felt this way I screamed till I was hoarse, along with 33,019,000 Canadians who screamed and cheered for their own reasons, so don't you tell me it was the speakers.
That. That is the single best post I have ever read on this site. Ever. And nothing needs to be added to it or subtracted from it. You just explained what hockey means to almost every Canadian. I don't think I will ever read a better post. Thank you. Keep posting gems like this please.

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