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Originally Posted by jsykes View Post
Wow, I find that amazing and you must not be that proud of your work if you would not want it protected. Its changed, but if push came to shove, you and I both know that argument would not hold water.

I just like to put that out there. As a person whose income and life is based on copyrighted material, I tend to take it seriously and want to respect others as best I can.

Of course, I'm probably the only person on this site that doesnt have a single piece of pirated software or downloaded song or movie.

Is it really that hard or you have no one on your team with enough imagination to come up with your own logo?

And dont bother answering that or yelling at me or arguing your side or anything like that as I'm not going to argue. As I said, I just like to put those thoughts out there as I think its an important thing to respect the intellectual property of others.
I understand what you mean, but like someone said, they are not using it for profit. Imitation is also a form of flattery. I am plenty proud of my work, and i guess the only thing that would/has pissed me off is when someone takes credit for my work. Mainly patents and such. But even in that case of patents especially in my industry, you change something simple, whether it be design or manufacturing, a new patent can be issued. it's happens all the time.
I get what your saying, and your not going to get an argument, some people are more sensitive then others when it comes to proprietary. It always depends. I made a bunch of logos in the last 2-3 years, and it is a change of pace from my main job, so i welcome the opportunity, whether it be modifying an existing logo to make it sport centric (company Sponsors) or using my existing work..
Even in my job, i work for a pretty large company, and have to create renderings and use what ever images i can to get the concept out. Unless it becomes production (for Profit), we use any image we can find to get the concept across. If they actually chose that concept, and go with our Artwork(not likely since it usually goes to and Agency) the image will then be purchased. This is par for the course i guess....Done the same way everywhere in the industry.

DTW, the guys on my team are useless when it comes to any form of Art...Friggin Lawyers, Phar sales reps, Dentist and what have you... Makes for a funny locker room though

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