Thread: Speculation: Demitra?
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03-03-2010, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Craah View Post
That's because you need a sense of humor plus some sort of self-insight, which clearly is too much to ask of you.
Truth is, your English sucks so bad that ALL your posts include something that can easily be misinterpreted.
God, you're boring. Work on that English, boy.
you know. Some people are missing sense of humor some inteligence. I am maybe missing both because I really don't understand your kind and mature hummor.

To addition to that my english is really bad. Maybe because I really don't need it in every-day communication in Job as my German.

Only possibility to make it better, is to read and write some words, when I am back from work. I am not concentrating on superb english. I just want to share my thoughts despite they are widely not accepted But thank you for your constructive critique.

Last but not least, I am glad that our conversation made this thread more interesting because we were able to add your sense of humor comming from deep insight...

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