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01-30-2005, 02:05 PM
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interesting about montoya possibly being hurt...i didn't know about his past injury to that ankle and a possible reaccurance of it this year...i guess it's hard to know for sure without any of us being his doctor, but i guess its' one more thing to think about

as for olver...

He was decent size, 6'0" and his fram will fill out as he gets older. Another one of Sather's lucky picks.
i remember when he was picked everyone was like "who the hell is this? this guy blows! what is sather doing!"

it seems to me the rangers got some guys in last years draft who are very good hockey players...skilled, good hockey smarts...but their size could be their undoing. guys like olver (very slightly built, needs to get up to 185 or something at least probably) ryan (probably will end up being normal sized, but is slight at the moment) and petruzalek (tiny). guys who could be real good hockey players if they utilize their skills and overcome their size

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