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03-03-2010, 02:09 PM
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I don't think I was clear on that first post, and probably provided too much info. He's not really asking "what should I buy";

Ice is smooth, it doesn't wear your stuff down, less friction, etc. Ice pads are probably not really well suited for that type of wear and tear, at any price range. That being said, things listed as "Roller Hockey Pads" might be, and may even be lighter weight since ice pucks are much harder, heavier, etc. It would be a horrible waste, at any price, to buy ice pads if they were going to get destroyed at a similar or faster rate than cheap pads (and by cheap, these are list price of ~500+).

Consider the following:

Ignoring list price, is it worth the price difference (ie; better lifespan) between 1 and 2? Is there going to be a considerable wear and tear difference between 2 and 3? 1 and 3?

equally important: how can one tell, other than 'more expensive is better'? - price is not a good indicator of quality.

It's a matter of what the right tool is for the job, and what the most cost efficient choice is.

Of course, if some things are straight-up crap, I would like to know as well, because it's not worth consideration.

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