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09-26-2003, 02:38 PM
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I use that word 100 times a day, I swear, with my kids. The Comrie trade will have consequences, for the organization, the player, and maybe the fans too.

For the organization, and Kevin Lowe in particular, this is the second young player the team has been unable to make a smooth transition with, both in terms of contract and the finer aspects of the game (defense, discipline). Poti, Comrie, who's next? I remember a time when the Oilers couldn't draft a gifted player, now they can't keep the ones they've drafted. I think Lowe must also reflect on his public ridicule of Comrie, and others, after the season. Finally, the organization should probably look long and hard before they hand another young man the kind of dollars that they gave Comrie. It certainly had an impact imo.

I wonder too how a kid like Ales Hemsky feels? I mean, does he wonder if this organization is building a winner or just moving the deck chairs around. Is his next contract going to be a problem?

For Mike Comrie, I don't think the consequences will be too harsh. He's a fine young player, but his value isn't established to the point where he'll require a massive overpay from his new club. When he arrives in his new town, he'll have a fresh start.

For the fans, this is becoming something of an annual ritual. Poti's treatment at Skyreach was shameful, and even though I understand the fan frustration, booing the home team is never a good idea. Talked to a guy the other day who basically said "we never booed 20 years ago". Well, yes we did. Paul Coffey was booed in Edmonton, and it came right around the time that Glen Sather was publicly critical.

For me the bottom line is this: it's a pretty irritating thing to have happen from both sides. The Oilers gave their money, their playing time, their best wingers and their faith and coaching to Comrie. On the other hand, Comrie scored at a high level while he was here, and certainly would have to be considered a quality offensive player.

But it is what it is, and they might as well send him down the road sooner than later.

I expect a trade by next Saturday.

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