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03-03-2010, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by hlundqvist30 View Post
No, he would have realized that the best this team could hope for is an "anything can happen" moment and thus should sell.
If you actually thought that selling was going to be an option for the Rangers, then you might want to check your meds. Believe me, I was hoping they would, but I knew they wouldn't. I was more hoping that they wouldn't do anything stupid in their efforts to make the playoffs. We can at least be thankful that they didn't.

And for all those that are crying because he didn't improve the team, who says there was a deal available that would improve the team? Do you think Sather wasn't trying to make deals?

We are at 50 contracts, which means for every player we trade for, we have to send one out. We didn't even have the option to make an Antropov like deal. Also, pretty much any trade would require us to send Redden or Rozy the other way, which few teams, if any, would be interested in.

I'm not defending Sather here. He's painted us into a corner with the way he built this team. But those thinking he should have done something to improve our chances at the playoffs need to get a clue. He tried to make a deal but the right deal wasn't there to be made.

He made what deals he could already getting Jokinen, Prust and Shelly and getting rid of Higgins and Kotalik. He still has a ******** of work to do between now and next season, but unfortunately, he wasn't able to do any of it today.

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