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03-03-2010, 05:21 PM
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The comments on that article are pretty funny haha



It was pretty clearly a mistake. It was meant to go over the Canadian anthem (they always have a montage of great Canadian sports moments over the Canadian anthem).

I was there. The bigger story was the 13 year old who sang the anthems. She was incredible.

There was also a standing ovation for the American olympians on the Rangers.....Ottawa didnt have any American Olympians...and our fans cheered on the opposing teams players from the opposing country....but hey, positive news in the USA? Never.


What a bunch of cry babies. Maybe if the Yanks didn't make such a big deal about beating Canada in the round robin they wouldn't have enjoyed the gold medal victory so much.

And if Canada is so bad why do so many Americans that go overseas try to pass themselves off as Canadians with the Canada flag sewn onto their backpacks?


Canadians have so much class


Canadian trash...what a disgrace. This is yet another example of why Canadiens are viewed as a joke. what a classless nation.

anyone remember when they booed our Anthem in Montreal when the war began? I do...


Thats the type of class less garbage that bugs me about canada. Just remember every canadian was crapping their pants every time the us had a rush in OT. If the US had more shots in OT the Gold is ours.


Let them have their moment. Canada isn't winning the cup....and that's what counts.


that's because Canada is an entire country full of white trash pieces of garbage

Daniel Syvarth

How much more bush league can you get? "True north strong and free"? Only because we're your next door neighbor. You'd all be speaking Russian if it weren't for the USA.

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