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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
Since Easton got rid of the Gaborik curve I have been in a stick fog, never being able to find the right stick while spending too much money. I'm a righty, play ice twice a week, majority of my shots are quick snap shots, wrist shots with the occasional one timer and pretty good at passing.
Vapor X60 77 Flex Kane
Sherwood RM19 85 Flex Coffey
Sherwood RM7 85 Flex Coffey
Easton Synergy ST 85 Flex Gaborik (Orange)
Easton Synergy ST 100 Flex Gaborik (Blue)
CCM U+ 85 Flex Thornton Grip
Warrior Dolomite Spyne 100 Flex Kovalchuk
Warrior Dolomite 100 Flex Smyth Grip
Nike Bauer Vapor XXXX 87 Flex Naslund
RBK 7K SickKick 85 Flex Bergeron Grip
Easton Synergy 100 Flex Iginla Grip(Yellow)

If Easton had not discontinued the Gaborik curve I would only own the Iginla stick purchased a long time ago. Damn you Easton! Haven't used the X60 yet, first time spending over $200 on a stick, I have to like it at this point, gambled on the 77 flex for a little more life on my shots. If you see a stick you like you know what to do, you know what to do.
Easton still offers the Gaborik curve on Synergy SE6 sticks only. Check out You'll see tons of them.

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