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03-03-2010, 07:20 PM
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Originally Posted by metalan2 View Post
I have. It's called two superbowls and a Stanley cup victory within the last five years. Don't even try to say "it's not close" because it is the exact same thing. It is only the exact same thing if every single person in the city was out partying and the entire city was shut down. I mean the entire city, even side streets. There is nowhere to go. Not to mention the million people parades two days later, that are just as fun and crazy.

I know Vancouver didn't have the latter, but if the entire city was shut down, and I mean ENTIRE not just a few streets then it was like Pittsburgh's celebrations.

Holmes catch in the superbowl > Crosbys goal. So don't think I haven't experienced something like you folks have.
You really have no idea do you. Holmes superbowl catch was great for the CITY of Pittsburgh. But the WORLD was watching the Olympics and the entire nation shared in the Gold Medal. Anybody who compares the Superbowl to the Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Game is downright clueless. Welcome to the ignore list bud.

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