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Originally Posted by Jedi Pengu View Post
You really have no idea do you. Holmes superbowl catch was great for the CITY of Pittsburgh. But the WORLD was watching the Olympics and the entire nation shared in the Gold Medal. Anybody who compares the Superbowl to the Olympic Gold Medal Hockey Game is downright clueless. Welcome to the ignore list bud.
The WORLD watched the superbowl too, so whats your point? In terms of celebrations the two are exactly the same. There are probably as many Steeler fans in the world as the entire nation of Canada, seriously, so how is it any different? More people also watched the Holmes catch in the WORLD, so whats your point?

At the very least the Superbowl is equal to the gold medal game. You can ask any American and they will laugh at that question. However, I can at least see where you're coming from.

The bottom line is you were in one place at one time celebrating the gold medal game, which we'll say is Vancouver. I was in Pittsburgh celebrating a Stanley cup championship or superbowl. It is the EXACT same thing celebration wise, if not better because we have had three parades. The point is the dude said I couldn't comprehend what it was like that day Crosby scored, which I can.

Holmes catch is equal to Crosbys goal anyday of the week.

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