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09-26-2003, 03:12 PM
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I think the problem in this case goes alot deeper than not being able to agree on salary...In the case or Arnott or Poti, yes they held out but they eventually signed whether it's because the team caved or the player caved...I remember when Slats gave Arnott that big contract and said at the press conference that he's wasn't paying Arnott for what he has done, but for what he is expected to do...Arnott at that point didn't deliver...

I think things have changed significantly since Poti and Arnott...Back then, the league wasn't on the verge of a work stoppage and a potentially drastic reshapping of the NHL's economic landscape...I applaud Lowe for doing what he's doing even though I am extremely upset that Comrie may be dealt...

I can see your point with the impact this could have on other players but like I said, the problem is alot deeper than we all think...G2K ran his story a few months ago about dressing room problems with Comrie...Other players see this and they are not stupid...They know when it's the player's fault or the coaches fault...Smyth was criticized during the playoffs and re-signed...

My point is: on-ice performance aside, I really believe Lowe would have been more flexible if Comrie had a better attitude (if he does have an attitude problem to begin with. By all accounts it seems that he does)...Paying Smyth all that $$ probably wasn't Lowe's favorite thing but Smytty's attitude on and off the ice made it a little more bearable and justifyable...

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