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Originally Posted by sa cyred View Post
Meh... Lehtivuori is alittle too low for being probablly the phantoms top d-man
Rankings aren't based on current performance but potential/probability rating. Lehtivuori is doing well right now, but as I said, he has played games against grown men before coming here, something Bourdon and Marshall have not done. He's really mature for his age and very smart. His experience in the Finnish league shows.

Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
Eriksson is progressing just fine. The Allsvenskan league in Sweden is the equivalent to the AHL in North America. There's no sense in rushing Eriksson and it's great that they're taking their time with him and letting him develop properly. He's going to make the jump to the Swedish Elite League this year and he's going to get a boat load of playing time. Probably the best thing for Eriksson is to play two years in the SEL and then come over to North America. He'll be 23 by then and he'll be plenty mature that we shouldn't need to worry about him getting homesick or anything like that. He's going to be a real good one.

I know that this guy didn't make the list, but if there's another goalie in the organization to keep an eye on, Brad Phillips might be someone of interest. He's had a rough go at Notre Dame and I know he lost the starter's job to a freshman this year, but his numbers when he's played have been excellent. Maybe he turns pro after the college year and plays with the Phantoms and gets his game back on track. He could be another diamond in the rough so to speak.
I had a nice little chat about Brad Phillips with some of the other writers when doing this article actually. One of the writers here knows a lot about Notre Dame ice hockey. We discussed his abilities, but in the end, we settled without him making the list. He might've been added to the bottom, but with Leino and Pither added, both Bodrov and Hostetter, who I decided on instead of Phillips, were bumped. He's returned back to form in a sense since his injury. He's playing well, but he wasn't playing well enough to win games. A freshman came in and took his spot by being just a shade better. They both had pretty good numbers last time I checked. It's a shame because Phillips does have some talent.

Originally Posted by flyguy View Post
Would Harper be in the top 20?
He'd be a 6.5D or 7.0D. He's got some decent talent and is a good skater. He's a little careless sometimes, but he's got some nice moves. He's a little more average than some might expect, but he's got some offensive upside. He has less talent than Pither, but there's a little bit about him that I like over Pither. He seems to be a little safer than Pither; more of a chance of making it to the NHL level because he doesn't rely on one thing only.

At worst he'd be just off this list. He'd probably just jump Popov if I had to re-do it. This is all preliminary though. Both he and Pither are going to get a nice look at the AHL level next season.

Originally Posted by flyguy View Post
Also, good to hear Eriksson is doing well although he is playing in the second Swedish division (I'm assuming that's their second tier league).
Yes, it's the second tier league, but it's not like the NHL/AHL. It's still a professional league with professional players, but organizations can play themselves out of the SEL and can also play themselves up from the AllSv into the SEL. So you see some very skilled players in the AllSv like Oliver Ekman-Larsson, who is actually on Eriksson's team in Leksand. OEL belongs to Leksand, but Eriksson is on loan to Leksand from Brynas since Leksand is in the AllSv. The AllSv has similar talent level to the AHL, but is FAR closer to the SEL in terms of talent than the AHL is to the NHL. The only reason Eriksson is on loan to Leksand is because Markstrom already had the top spot for Brynas.

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