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03-03-2010, 11:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
What are you basing this off of?

The rest of our division isn't much better. Pittsburgh's top prospect, Tangradi, is basically Maroon with a little better skating ability but weaker hands. Granted skating is important, but he's not all that great. If you consider Giroux, vanRiemsdyk, and Parent as prospects (since they've all just graduated or will graduate this season), we have a far superior prospect pool to anyone in our division.

1. vanRiemsdyk - 8.0B to 8.5B
2. Giroux - 8.0B to 8.5B
3. Parent - 7.0B
4. Eriksson - 7.0C to 7.5C
5. Leino - 7.0C to 7.5C
6. Marshall - 7.0C
7. Bourdon - 7.0C
8. Maroon - 7.0C
9. Bartulis - 6.5B
10. Nodl - 6.5C
11. Legein - 7.0D
12. Lehtivuori - 6.5C
13. Wellwood - 7.0D
14. Laliberte - 6.5C
15. Matsumoto - 6.5C
16. Bertilsson - 6.5C
17. Pither - 7.0D
18. Morrison - 6.5C
19. Labrecque - 7.0D
20. Harper - 7.0D
21. Popov - 7.0D
22. Riopel - 6.5D
23. Kalinski - 5.5B
24. Bodrov - 6.5D
25. Hostetter - 6.5D
You cant just add players to our prospect pool just because they are young. If thats the case the NYI have...Tavares, Okposo, Bailey, De Hann and Schremp. The same can be done for every team if you take all the young players and just call them prospects.

IMO your main goal should be filling the top 2 lines of your team through your prospect pool. Just because we have a bunch of bottom 6 procpects and 3rd pairing dmen in the pipeline doesnt mean we have it made. Those kind of players can be acquired for nothing in free agency. Top line players are what will cost you to acquire and what you can use as a bargaining chip when trying to trade for someone. My opinion is that our prospect pool sucks, you disagree, thats fine.

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