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03-04-2010, 05:19 AM
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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... Don't know where I said Purcell will achieve greatness, but Purcell at 24 will almost certainly become a better player given experience. He has played a little over a season's worth of games in the NHL -- for all intents and purposes, a little more experienced than a rookie. He averaged low 3rd line to high 4th line minutes per game this season, and never given an opportunity to fully gel with any of the lines he played on. Yet with all that, and with the low amount of points he scored, he never hurt the team while he was on the ice. He was developing other facets of his game, like board play and defense, so that he was contributing to the team in other ways besides scoring. There's no reason to believe that overall progress won't continue.

... Halpern is one of the worst players on a non-playoff team. He's 33. So, where Purcell is almost certainly going to improve, Halpern will do nothing but stagnate or decline. Halpern has no experience playing with anyone on this team -- whereas if Purcell was plugged in to fill a spot, at least there's the knowledge there might be some cohesiveness within a few shifts. If anything, this move HURTS the team; makes it worse and less deep.

The Kings essentially let a young player who wasn't hurting the team go -- in order to acquire an aging player who has been hurting the team he played on up to this point. How is this "helping" with the playoffs in any way? Halpern's never been past the first round of the postseason, so you can't look to him for any leadership there, right? Did Lombardi feel like the other teams needed a handicap when playing the Kings in the playoffs, and thus decided to make the team worse?
...Or he is what he is and will never get better. How many young guys come into the league and light it up then vanish? Purcell hasn't been able to do jack outside of a good rookie year in the AHL.

Your ellipsis account is overdrawn by the way. Just a heads up because those overdraft fees can be a real *****.

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