Thread: Larry Brooks: Slats Stays The Course
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03-04-2010, 08:36 AM
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Originally Posted by genericnyrusername View Post
I've argued this before that some people seem to not get that mediocrity isn't the worst position you can be in. You can be perpetually bad. This idea that the worst thing in the world is to make the playoffs each year as a lower seed is crazy.

Also with mediocrity again, it's perfectly legal in the NHL to go from mediocre to elite. This "stuck in mediocrity" notion is a farce.
I agreed with you right up to this point. It bugs me because itís so damn passive. Youíre knocking fans (who Iíll admit can be very melodramatic/irrational) for wanting more from this franchise. After 10 seasons (hell, after 5 seasons post-lockout), is the idea that the they should be more than a bubble team the worst thing in the world? Is not being satisfied with mediocrity the worst thing in the world? How can you look at this franchise, historically, and come away thinking that being stuck in mediocrity is a farce? The Rangers have made mediocrity an art form. And the organizational trend from 1926 Ė Present remains unchanged. High-priced talent, minimal return.

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