Thread: Larry Brooks: Slats Stays The Course
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03-04-2010, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Crease View Post
Would you rather make the playoffs every year with a second round exit or make the playoffs once every 10 years and win the whole thing?

I love making the playoffs. I love the thrill and intensity of the game. But sometimes you have to see the forest from the trees, lose the battle to win the war, etc. We should have sold, but I understand why we didn't.
I'm sorry, but your logic is flawed. Neither scenario that you represent is likely, nor are they the only scenarios possible. You've chosen 2 extremes when reality lies somewhere in the middle.

Both NJ and Detroit have managed to both make the playoffs consistently AND win cups. Atlanta has managed to make the playoffs once in 10 years, yet hasn't won a thing.

Pittburgh won the cup last year while being no better than a 6th seed at the time of the deadline. If they had sold like you suggest, they would not have won. So your argument is completely without merit.

I agree that there is a time when you must take a step back, but suggesting that a 5th place team should just "accept defeat" and get whatever they can for their UFAs is about the worst argument I've ever heard.

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