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03-04-2010, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by BobbyClarkeFan16 View Post
I'll already give you an answer. It'll be something like "well, qualifying for the playoffs now is harder than ever because there is parity around the league. We assembled what we thought was the best team possible, but it's clear that the best wasn't good enough. Sometimes, the chips just don't fall in your favour. Nobody ever said making the playoffs was a guarantee."

Someone will then ask him if maybe he should have secured the goaltending position and his response will be something like "We did address the goaltending situation last season. We signed Ray Emery because we believed he was a Stanley Cup caliber goalie. Nobody expected Ray to have avascular necrosis. Once we found out what the diagnosis was, we tried to address the goaltending, but we felt comfortable with Leighton and Boucher, two capable and proven goaltenders in the NHL. We didn't feel the need to go out and acquire a top goaltender like Vokoun or go after a promising youngster like Halak or Schneider simply because the asking price was too high and we just didn't have the assets."

Then we can expect a question about letting Jones come through on re-entry waivers and the cap hit that that took and the answer will be "Randy Jones is an excellent team player and a good hockey player. We felt that as an organization we owed it to Randy to bring him up and find him a place on an NHL roster. We knew the chances bringing him through waivers and while we're sad that we lost Randy, we also did right by Randy. We might have hurt ourselves in the process by taking the cap hit, but it's important to show players that this franchise cares about them and that we're willing to do what it takes to look after them. I'm sure Randy Jones will forever be grateful for what the Philadelphia Flyers did for his career."

And then someone will rush the podium and club Holmgren upside the head with a black jack and knock some sense into him and he then realizes just how much he screwed this franchise and quits on the spot. The End. Yay!!!!!
Wow...That is spot on

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