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03-04-2010, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by jmjt9864 View Post
seeing as this is a discussion board i find it ironic that all you geniouses do nothing but cut up every post .. i was merely posting what some of the analysts were talking about on tv in case you do not get that type of discussion in the hockey hot bed of the US ... it is no different than any of you offering your misguided analysis of this or that ..

i have sat back for years and read the posts in here and despite disagreeing with some of them, i never found it worth ripping them in the forum .. and ya know, it seems to be all the same people that get all bent out of shape just because they do not happen to agree with what is said .... testy people i tell ya .. must be all that misplaced anger since Canada won the gold .. LMAO
Did no one else find this ironic? Just busting ya.

Look, you said it yourself; it's a discussion board. Maybe no one agrees with you because, well, no one agrees with you. One of Lombardi's strong suits is his drafting, and I don't care what kind of media analysis you're getting in high-and-mighty Canada...You're getting the opinions here of people who watch TONS of hockey and TONS of KINGS hockey...and contrary to popular belief, there are very knowledgeable and passionate fans here who criticize what the media pundits say, as they should. Or are you one of those people that accepts what Don Cherry spews as indisputable fact?

The fact is, every GM has those picks that look awful in retrospect. DLs record is pretty darn solid.

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