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01-31-2005, 02:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire
You're right, they're both projects. Either way you look at it taking a goaltender in the first round is a big risk(with rare exceptions of course). However, here's the difference, most people are ripping Montoya because he hasn't been progressing. Development is the main thing that you should look for in a prospect. Boyle has been improving, whereas Montoya has seemed to regress.
good point and i agree with you. it's very important to look at improvement in the span of time for prospects, BUT it seemed as htough his issue wasn't that as much as not wanting us to expect anythign from him in these first few years since he's a "long term project". i really am curious why he can go about grading montoya and even saying "he'd be pissed if we drafted him" when he's a long term project while i couldn't say "should we be concerned about his development when he is not showing much in these first 2 years of college." perhaps i missed something on the way, but i relaly don't see much difference between montyoa and boyle in the "long term project" scheme of things.

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