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09-26-2003, 03:38 PM
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tripp really is the big suprise in camp this year. He does everything right. He is among the firts on the ice every time and the last to leave. He is also one of the "nighthawks". There are a few "guys" who come out and play every now and then with us mortals late night. Tripp was one of those guys before camp started and has made friends with of few of the guys. He is a salt of the earth kind of guy who always buys the beer. He also is one of those guys who just stands right up and tries his butt off after he gets hit. It doesn't matter how hard or if it is by one of our established vets. The kid just gets up and goes right back at it. Kind of a "I got nowhere else to go" attitude. I hope he makes it but not only for his attitude. The kid is all about his game and is better than Sim/Smithson and even Avery considering he uses his head more. I would compare him favorably with Army with the exceptoin that Tripp is tougher and plays with allot more speed and agression.

He is a keeper.

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