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01-31-2005, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by gerf
Sher-wood has recently released the Momentum hockey line and I am looking for new gloves so I was wondering if anybody here knows much about them. Are they any good, are they worth buying or are they even out yet? Any info would be appreciated on these or any other gloves that people like.
I doubt they are intensely marketed yet since some pairs (I don't know for sure they are momentum, but all their new stuff for next year is there) are actually in Las Vegas for a show (last week in Toronto). Anyways, I guess Sher-Wood is waiting to see the response they'll get over there before going too crazy.

On a side note if you're looking for a stick, the Momentum Comp (the all black with red writing on it) is a really good stick. If you remember the Eclipse, than it's pretty much the same stick exept they changed the name (and obviously the design). The Eclipse in my mind was hugely underrated and the Momentum Comp will help change that because people like the name better, I strongly reccomend it. (I play with it). Also, if you play in a non-slapshop league then I would suggest you take the Momentum S.O.P. (the blue one), you don't get as great a slapper with it as with the Eclipse but your wrister is much better and precise as hell. I'm talking by personal playing experiences, and feedbacks I've had after selling these sticks.

Hope that helped if you need some more information on Sher-Wood don't hesitate, i'm usually well informed about the company (except for some of the new equipment cause they want to keep it a secret for as long as possible)

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