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01-31-2005, 08:23 AM
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Originally Posted by jessimanrules
I don't understand what is so hard for people here to understand.
I can answer some of your questions, however, shouldn't you first answer questions that you avoided answering in the other thread when you started to preach the "baseball" mentality.
You speak of losses. The Rangers claimed to have lost $30m last year. Do you believe that is true? Yes or no? Simple question.

"If you don't like Gary because he over expanded, hasn't improved the game that's fine."

Do you believe that Bettman overexpanded the league? Yes or no.

"If you take a baseball mentality and don't trust the owners which is idiotic in my opinion, that is your right. "

By that statement, I take it that you believe everything the owners say. If that is the case, can you please explain how the owner of the Blackhawks got caught assigning income that came form luxury boxes to a different corporation that had nothing to do with the Blackhawks? See, that way he gets to claim income and the Blackhawks do not have to claim that income and can show more of a loss.
Also, please explain how teams claim AHL salaries as expense without claiming AHL revenues. Try to explain since I do not believe the owners and am thus being idiotic.

And since we are on the trusting issue, why does Bettman not allow an independent audit?

"The game simply doesn't make money. "

So then how can a solution possibly be about fixing costs and not sharing revenue?

" have heard about is greedy athletes and now we have boards like this one where a lot of fans support these greedy athletes. "

Boo-hoo. How dare those greedy jackals of players take advantage of poor, honest owners?

"For starters, arbitratration raises salaries a lot and that can't be controlled to a great extent by the owners."

You are aware that the players have proposed a revamping of the arbitration process so that it swings the balance back in favor of the owners, are you not?

"Fourth, the T.V. revenue doesn't exist and it probably never will since blacks and hispanics don't watch the sport in this country. "

So what do you propose, that this sport is only marketed to white, suburban America? Have you asked yourself why ratings were higher before Bettman overexpanded? Could it be that overexpansion has caused a dillution of talent, which caused a deterioration of the on-ice product.

"The sport doesn't make MONEY "

Again, if the sport does not make money, then how can the owners not want to share revenue, since their claimed goal is keeping all teams competitive?

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