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03-04-2010, 03:19 PM
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JT, you are using team stats (+/- and PK%) on a bad TEAM to make an argument about one player. It don't work that way.

And you're logic is completely false. IE: Scuderi, OD and Williams have won a cup. Halpern hasn't. Therefore, Halpern has nothing to offer. I don't even need to break that down, but there simply isn't any logic in that thought. Its just you creating threads between those separate thoughts.

From your constant harping that Teddy has never hurt the team, it sounds to me like you prefer a placeholder than a role player. Your point about Halpern not getting any better is quite meaningless as well. Sure, Purcell MAY (this word can not be stressed enough) improve, at varying degrees, from what he is now to great, or to decent or the just marginally better. He may also never go anywhere. We just don't know. So Halpern won't be getting any better. IS HE SUPPOSED TO? Is there a single person in this entire fanbase or organization or league that expects Halpern to improve upon the game he's been using to cash a nice paycheck since Teddy was still in P.E. class at middle school? No. You won't find a single one.

He wasn't brought here to improve his own game, he was brought here to play his own game, which is to block shots and win face-offs and provide depth. You admit he can do these things well. So what's the problem?

You are digressing frequently between thoughts to the future and thoughts to the present playoff run. Halpern is ONLY here for the playoff run. That is all. Any talk towards the future surrounding Halpern is pointless.

You can talk about the future in regards to Purcell. His future is uncertain.

What we do know is that he wasn't ADDING anything to the team for well, what was it? 91 games.

We also know that the Kings have plenty of other draft picks and forward prospects who have made more of their respective opportunities, regardless of quality or special team minutes (Moller, Parse) and others who have just as much promise and potential (Loktionov, Schenn), and the simple fact that there are only so many roster spots to go around.

You usually use such good, if not myopic a times in regards to numbers, logic. Here you simply have none, save for a general departure with the franchise as to where they are at the moment in terms of philosophy, in so far as management, along with the rest of us, are willing to give up some youth and future to bolster the playoff run now, whereas your philosophy seems to be "hell with the playoffs, hang on to the prospects as long as humanly possible."

Also, once again, you have zero regard for any tact or knowledge by management and coaching and blindly side with the player. Its never the players fault for not making the most of his minutes, its always some elephant in the room or monkey placed on the players back, or better yet, an invisible noose tied around the player's ability to contribute in a meaningful way with the ice time he is given.

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