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03-04-2010, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... It only hurts the team if you judge a player by your perceived expectations of that player, and how long you're willing to give the player to meet some of those expectations. Purcell has played 91 NHL games, a little over one season. Most of that has been games of about 10 minutes or so on the ice with varying lines, and he didn't hurt the team while he was out there. Giving up on a player after playing less than a hundred games in the NHL would seem to be a curious way of judging players.
Aren't you supposed to be helping the team? I like that since he wasn't hurting the team, he should be in the line up.

Yeah he played less than a hundred games. That is a lot more than most prospects get and he is 24. Were you ready to wait until he was like 30 to see if he could pull it together? I thought the goal here was to be winning games. That is what the Kings are doing yet you are complaining about a prospect that didn't pan out for this team and was traded consequently.

Originally Posted by JT Dutch View Post
... Funny, have YOU thought about it? Halpern was second among Tampa forwards in PK time and their PK is as bad as the Kings' is. The Lightning PK is arguably the worst element of their team; it's either their PK or their 5-on-5 play, and Halpern has been poor at both elements, so either way the facts don't support your case. A PK specialist on a bad PK is not a valuable man.
You know you are right. Rob Scuderi is a lousy PK'r which is one of the reasons the Kings signed him. With the Kings having the 22nd ranked PK, he just isn't livign up to expectations. That is a bit a of a strawman. For one, you can't saddle a weak PK on one player. There are 2 or 3 other skaters on the ice with you and a goalie. The coach also implements a system.

Oh yeah.. so how many penalties have you watched Jeff kill this year?

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