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03-04-2010, 03:40 PM
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I would like to point out a few things: smaller ice play does force the teams to have better teamwork to accomplish their purpose on the ice. Any shot from anywhere is a good shot even from the perimeter It forces them to employ passing more to create the speed and use more strategies. You can pressure them more when you are on penalty kill. I noticed that you can develop more talent when you play on the smaller ice than you can on the bigger ice. It brings traffic when there is shot from the blue line provide the opportunity for rebounds and result in faster pace of play. It brings more hits. Teams hit to make a play and take the puck off from them more easier than on the big ice. If there is missed pass, it is recovered faster. The overall game brings better flow back and forth with more scoring chances on any opportunity. Dumping and chase is a good strategy despite what European think because it brings pressure to the defenders in the low. There is a good mix of carrying the puck in and dump and chase. It is a way to beat the trap and harder to use the trap.

Now, on the bigger ice, players tend to hog the puck more and play the puck outside the perimeter and generate shots that can be easily stopped by the goaltender. It does not encourage the teamwork and more individual plays than the team plays. Yes, passing combination does exist but it takes longer to develop and easier to defend. Traffic is non-exist because it takes long time to skate and screen the goalie from the board. Pace of play is slower and the penalty kill tend to be passive and powerplay teams tend to handle the puck better due to lack of pressure. Transition game is slower. You need to have the puck now and there is lack of physicality and the result of this is more time to kill when you are down. It tires players more if there is any missed pass. It does not develop the talent faster and longer development time but it does helps to skate faster with more room due to lack of physicality which makes for boring game. It lacks flow if there is too many missed passes and easier to trap.

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