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03-04-2010, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Siberian View Post
Moving to the smaller ice will take away a lot from European hockey as far as development of the young talents go. That is the only advantage Europe has over North America. If Europe will start develoing their youngsters on small ice then all advantage is gone and Canada with USA will dominate by sheer quantity of players.
Canada and American players grew up in North America on smaller ice and they develop their talent better so I believe that European countries can develop their talents on smaller ice as well. It helps them to adapt the physical part of the game and to make decisions better. I also disagree about the European advantage is gone with smaller ice, but rather, it produces more intensity to develop talents faster and quality of players. Bigger ice lack intensity whenever I watch any international competition. This 2010 Olympics has greater intensity that I ever seen than in the past Olympics games on bigger ice. If I were an European, I would experiment the development on smaller ice and compare with other countries and give it a few years. I guarantee you that you will see more talents players coming out of Europe.

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