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03-04-2010, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by BigBrown View Post
Okay, hypothetical scenario:

The Kings are in the playoffs and are playing an elimination game against, let's say the Detroit. It's an away game and the Wings have the final line change. The Kings are leading a close game and decide now is the time to play the fourth line to give the other lines a rest. Babcock then decides to do some creative coaching and matches their first line against our fourth in a critical time when the Kings are already feeling the pressure.

Now, would you rather have Halpern/Modin and whomever on the ice, a couple of rookies in Clune/Cliche/Möller or "veterans" Ivanans/Harrold/Purcell when Zetterberg, Datsyuk and Holmström are staring you down? I know, it's a very hypothetical situation but situations similar to this will occur on a smaller scale down the stretch all the way to the playoffs.

And yes, obviously we aren't going for the cup this season but why not give the team the best chance to succeed? Personally I prefer the Detroit mold of an experienced, defensively responsible fourth line instead of relying on prospects and rookies who should be in the minors playing 20 minutes a game instead of 10.
I think every time you enter the playoffs, you're naturally going for the cup...but I think I get your point. This isn't "the season" we go all in (i.e. Chicago, NJ) and management starts dumping assets for rentals, etc.

But you bring up a superb point about the 4th line. Datsyuk/Zetterberg/Holmstrom, Kane/Toews/Hossa, Heatley/Marleau/Thornton...they're gonna be looking at that line a lot and hoping to exploit a weakness. Deano's done a wonderful job shoring it up. I'd MUCH rather have Modin/Halpern/______ facing them, and the scary part is that when Willie returns, best case scenario, you could end up with even freaking Stoll, Simmonds, or Richardson there in the blank. That's just sick. That's a far cry from any combination of Cliche/Purcell/Ivanans/Clune/Moller that we could throw out there, not because they're bad players, but due to roles and playoffs.

Do I think it's an 'overpayment' of a trade in a way? Sure. We traded a THEORETICAL top-sixer and a third round pick (which we have an excess of) to shore up our fourth line with a versatile player. I'm actually in the minority, but I AM a little sad we gave up on Teddy...but that poor dude needed to hit the reset button in the worst way, because both due to roster spots and lack of a 'fit', he'd just run out of time here. I agree with JT in that, despite a large number of games with the organization, he never got consistent playing time or consistent line partners. However, others did more with less, and I think that's the main reason he's hit the trail. If he finds success in TB or elsewhere, so be it. But I really don't believe this was an eff up by any stretch of the imagination (unless Purcell goes on to be an 80-90 point player, which obviously was a pretty safe gamble based on what we've seen here).

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