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09-26-2003, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by aneirin
'Especially out of Lindros.'

I'm sorry but Lindros had his stick up all night, if this is going to be a practice of his this year than it is exceedingly stupid considering both his own condition and the even more blatant fact that the NHL has said that they are going to be especially cracking down on head hunting. And despite JR's assertions, I was not especially impressed with Lindros' 'driving to the net'. He may have done it 3 times all game and he didn't do it once on the power play. He's still playing a mostly perimeter game, albeit now with his stick in other players faces.
You're right, Lindros played a real perimeter game and wasn't involved at all tonight other then those dirty plays with his stick up!!!!

The fact that you would go on whining about Lindros' performance last night and the main thing you choose to harp on is that he was getting his stick up against a lineup like they had in last night looking to make an impression by ringing somebodies bell in a meaningless preseason game really just says it all about you and your infinite negativity about everything, and at a time like this scenario with absolutely ZERO basis.

Try and say whatever you want but your probrably the ONLY one who would term Eric game last night as still on the perimeter.

What will you do if things did turn around this year??You'd have zero too add because you haven't had one positive or constructive thought yet about the NYR's on this board so I understand your still wanting it to remain a sky is falling situation.

The bottomline is that this is one of the msot bias posts I've ever seen here as it's just ridiculous to come out of that game with this stance.You want to try and say I got the rose colored glasses on but based on comments like these you don't even watch these games.

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