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03-04-2010, 07:37 PM
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Firstly I'm sorry this happened ... I know there is a cage vs visor vs not wearing anything etc etc debate going on here.

That is all pointless debate, hockey is a dangerous sport. Wear a cage and get your throat slit, wear shin pads and get a broken leg, wear gloves and get a broken hand, hit the boards with all the protection ever sold and still break your neck.

The guy got hurt and i am not about to state some stupid crap in hindsight like "You should have worn a mask" .... a guy breaks his neck and ends up in a wheelchair someone in here would say "he should have played tennis instead and if he did he would be able to walk now".

.... and a cage does mess with one's vision who cannot get used to one. I tried three different ones and a full clear shield and it just didn't work.

I wear a visor and I wear it properly. I want to get neck protection because I do not like vital veins open like that. I'm not going to type that everyone should wear one because it just makes sense.

It's hockey and everyone is different and most people who play know the risks. Some people don't wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle or a seatbelt when driving a car.

It's their choice.

if you play hockey you WILL be injured no matter what you are wearing and if you fear getting hurt DON'T PLAY HOCKEY.

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