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01-31-2005, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Fletch
the black and hispanic argument isn't that far off when compared to other sports in the U.S. (not internationally). Both represent a large group, and hispanic in particular is one of the fastest growing races in the U.S. today, with some of the greatest growing purchasing power. Hockey can be successful without these two groups as it has been a national sport for some time, but in the U.S., it will likely never reach the popularity of the three other major sports.

All your arguments are totally valid and I agree and perhaps highlights why in certain race groups hockey may never see much greater penetration.

All that being said, the sport did generate nearly $2 billion last year, so someone's paying to see hockey, despite it being poorly marketed and despite the lack of interest in many regions.
Fletch, would you agree that if the NHL did a better job of marketing players like Iginla, Scott Gomez, Anson Carter, and eventually players like Montoya, they could possibly connect with an untapped resource. That is why I say it really isn't about race, it's about reaching those who have really had no exposure to the game. This strategy could pay huge dividends down the road, but no one seems to want to bother. That is something I will never understand. Instead they follow the same destructive path, and then cry about how to fix it!

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