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09-26-2003, 03:57 PM
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Originally Posted by TKLOOCH22
No disrespect, but I just dont understand the love affair with Carter. There was a sequence where Carter was right by the net, had TWO chances to bury it, but couldn't get it up off the ice. And that was only one shift of the nite. He has the shooting strength of a 10 year old and thats no joke.

"Above average finish" is just plain nasty. Seriously, Carter's hands are horrendous, whether it be shooting or passing. Carter's a strong skater, but not overly fast. I have no problem with him being on the first line, but IMO the points he has amassed over the years amount to nothing because that doesnt tell the whole story. Carter would get around 40 points if it wasnt for great players around him.

"gets to the net as he was doing all night tonight", lol, thats basically all he can do because hes limited offensively. Just stand there, let Rucinsky and Lindros handle the puck and he'll get his points.
I have no love affair w/Carter but when people like you want to go overboard and say his hands are "horrendous" or that 95% of any success he's had is entirely due to his linemates I just have to disagree and point out that it's simply not true.

The guy was a legit top 2 line player in Boston and had played well with them despite not being on Allison's line which was the only legit line they had when Anson was w/the B's.Maybe you don't remember how well he always played against us as well.

And the guy has put up very solid #'s in Edmonton and you don't live entirely off others when your the team leading scorer and also take into effect that Comrie had a poor yr last year and Smyth missed time and was under a PAG guy so who exactly did Anson live off of again to do 95% of the work for him???

Take the guy for what he is and what he can bring to a team.He does everything above average while not doing any one thing great.He brings alot of versatility to the table and can play all 3 forward spots on any of the top 3 lines in a pinch.Sounds like a guy who deserves bashing and should be run out of town to me allright.

If Anson puts up 25 goals and 55-58pts while also being a solid 2-way winger who can work the PK and bring the versatility he does then I really don't see how some people have such a hardon for this guy.

Since he's such a bum I'd love to hear who we should dump Anson to bring in to fill his current role.

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