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01-31-2005, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Legionnaire
I tend to agree. It's funny how when a lot of Habs fans talk about him, it's always about the boneheaded plays he makes in his zone, but when it comes to trade talks he freakin' Wayne Gretzky.

However, I do think that he has a good bit of upside; particularly when it comes to offense. Why else would we want him if he didn't right? Yet if he's going to cost Matty and then some, he's not worth it.

I keep saying this and hoping someone will listen. Regardless of how the CBA shakes out, there will still be teams that are more concerned with winning now than hording their prospects. There will still be teams willing to overpay for a guy that can shutdown the leagues best players regardless of how much he makes.

And if I'm wrong, then we keep him. No big deal. If we can't get a return that going to significantly improve the team, then Matty's leadership and experience will be more than worth the dollars that we are paying him.

Actually, Komo is already part of next year's defensive corp and has been playing well defensively but hasn't done much offensively. He won't amount to much offensively I'd say... but can and should become very good defensively.

Thing is we don't really need a left handed dman. We've got Souray, Markov and then Hainsey who sould be viable enough to fill the last spot, if not then there's Bouillon.


We're kinda set...

As for the one poster above who mentionned us as an "old team".... what?

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