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03-05-2010, 12:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
With the 9500 you really have to try and notice the thing.

Then again, any visor I've used has fogged up and caused distorted fishbowl vision...
I use a bauer pro wave and the anti fog stuff on the inside of the visor doesn't fog unless you are sitting on the bench. Even then it goes away with 3 or 4 skate strides. For the most part it evaporates on its own.

I am going to buy a new one soon as this one is a year old and while still good it isn't new any longer. Couple of highsticks there and a couple of highsticks here etc.

There isn't any fishbowl vision that's for sure. It is designed to refract the light so it looks like you are not wearing anything. No image shift from the bottom of the visor or anything.

I never wore any face protection until last year and decided to when I read that technology now is super. They were right, it really is like not wearing anything. I would highly recommend one to any old timer like me who just could not get used to any cage or clear face shield before.

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