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03-05-2010, 08:52 AM
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At our low levels, most guys played little hockey as a kid and didn't learn to keep their sticks, elbows, shots, etc down. It also seems the lower levels have more guys who think they're pros and cheap shot because they hide behind a cage and would never drop the mitts...I've seen it a lot and the only consequence is two minutes in the box.

Still, I've had a couple pucks deflect up into my cage, so there's still the fluke injury aspect. Sure I could go out there wearing just a lid and gloves (like a lot of the old timers I've played with), but a frozen rubber puck and a bunch of crappy skaters with sticks up in the air, I'm not going to take the chance.

Side note, I dropped to block a shot last weekend. Puck fired right square into my boys...had a cup and pants and still could barely get off the ice or skate for a few minutes afterwards. Now I've been playing for four years as an adult and been hit in the nuts three times now after maybe 200+ skates...the odds are low, but that's why I wear the gear.

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