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01-31-2005, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Chief
If you watched one of the Ranger draft specials, there was a Ranger brass meeting with Slats, Renney and Maloney in it. Slats specifically brought up a player who Maloney thought had great skill. Renney then discussed that they couldn't take a player with the wrong attidue and put him in the Rangers system and expect him to come out all right. What they were trying to do with their picks is get the organization to the point where you could take a skill player with questionable attitude and have the rest of the Rangers help mold him into a productive player. Conventional wisdom was that they were discussing Schremp. Umberger not being signed by the Rangers looks to have been another example of the Rangers not wanting to take on a talented player with an attitude problem.
And these are the decisions I question. I think with the multitude of picks that we had and the players we already had in the system, it may have been time to take a chance. I think we are being too conservative in our rebuilding.

Besides the fact that I truly feel we have made some big mistakes the last couple of years in the 1st Round of these drafts (i.e. Jessiman over Parise, Montoya over Olesz), we are constantly taking guys who are projected to be taken a least a round or two later. I'm just not confident in Maloney, who really seems to be running this thing, in selecting the right guys. I read somewhere that the Rangers had Jessiman rated No.4 in that draft. That raised my eyebrows. When you look at the other players drafted that year, you have to wonder....Suter, Phaneuf, Zherdev, Vanek.... I think I might take any of those guys over him and at least a few who were taken after him.

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